University Students/ Adults

Machu Picchu, Peru

Whether you are studying Spanish at the university level, or you would like to learn Spanish for professional or personal reasons, I am here to help.

Maybe you are preparing for a study abroad opportunity, or you are back from one and want to maintain your skills.  Take advantage of the variety of services offered to support you in your endeavors.

If you are a student who is wanting to place into a particular Spanish course I will assist you with that goal as well.  A few weeks, or months, depending on your level, can be all that you need to place into your desired course.  If you are able to test out of some of the more basic, rudimentary courses you will save time and money in regards to class scheduling.

Planning a family vacation to a Spanish speaking country?  I will teach you the basics and help you with your pronunciation so that you can confidently guide yourself and/or family on that trip. (I also may be able to offer you suggestions on places of interest and activities for your vacation based on my own personal experiences in a number of Spanish speaking countries).


Services for university students and adults

Private tutoring

I work with all levels of students, from those struggling with basic concepts, to those who are already proficient and want to master the Spanish language.


– at your home, public library, coffee shop etc – $50.00 first hour, $45.00 each consecutive hour

– Package prices available!

Spanish Immersions

Students develop speaking and listening skills through one on one conversational experiences.  Even students highly competent with reading and writing in Spanish are generally lacking in interpersonal communication skills; they simply don’t have adequate opportunity to practice these skills in the classroom.  Immersion sessions are tailored to students’ interest and can include a variety of activities such as hiking, cooking, shopping, visiting museums etc.  All conversation is in Spanish. This is a specialized service that greatly accelerates comprehension and speaking skills, which can be essential in today’s marketplace.



Web cam instruction

Perfect for test preparation, help with homework, grasping new and challenging grammatical concepts, immersion service, and Spanish book club*


  •  $50.00/hr

*Students have opportunity to practice and master the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) through webcam, instant messaging, or in person for “Spanish book club.”  We will choose a book, appropriate for student’s level, and have weekly “meetings” to discuss the reading passage.


Small group tutoring

This option is great for friends who want to get some extra help together.

groups of 2 or 3  $35.00/hour per student
– groups of 4 to 6  $30.00/hour per student


*24 hour notice required for cancellations and rescheduling.  Notice less than this will be subject to normal rates.

Contact me  today to sharpen and/or to maintain your Spanish skills!