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“Exercise Circle”

Learning a second language at an early age has many benefits.  One advantage is that younger children have phonetic capabilities that are superior to older students.  As a result, a child who begins learning a second language young, will acquire a more accurate and natural accent.  Furthermore, research indicates that learning a second language develops parts of the brain which improve performance in other areas of study, such as math, music, and English.

My classes and tutoring sessions are designed to introduce students to the Spanish language in a supportive and fun environment.  Songs, crafts, story time with visuals and puppets, and games are used to engage students and create a positive first experience with the Spanish language.  In my classes I provide parents with handouts of information and lesson plans to encourage their participation in class, as well as strategies and ideas on how to reinforce lessons at home.

Services for kids ages 18 months and up 

Daycare and Preschools 

Keep your center competitive and give your students the opportunity to begin learning Spanish now!  Currently I work with a number of centers that offer Spanish as an extracurricular class.  Classes are 30 minutes and are full of music, dancing, hands-on activities, and a short craft. Parents receive weekly emails as well as handouts to keep them feeling connected to what we are doing in class. Contact Alison for more details, 720.626.9195.


 Small group classes

Classes have 6 to 10 kids depending on level and age group.  Classes include diverse, engaging lessons with music, stories, games and crafts.  Parents of children 3 and under  join child in class. 

For a class of 6 students or more – $120.00/ 6 week course, 50 minute classes.

– There is a 30% off sibling discount

-Host of class receives a 25% off discount (only applies with a “full” class of 6 or more children)

– Smaller classes (with 5 or less students) are possible, class fee is adjusted. 

                                                                                               Craft Time – Making Monsters

 Private tutoring

Even if kids don’t take Spanish as a course in their elementary school, private tutoring is beneficial.  I work one on one  with students to teach them basic conversational Spanish as well as to prepare them for higher level classes later on.  With younger children, private tutoring involves a lot of games, role playing, crafts, and music.

*Only recommended for children who have taken classes with me or who have previous experience learning Spanish.

– $60.00/ 1 hour


* 24 hour notice required for cancellations and rescheduling.  Notice less than this will be subject to normal rates.

Contact me today and start laying the foundation for your child’s success!