“Alison Iwaskow is a delightful teacher that allows the children to experience the language by immersing them in a fun and educational atmosphere.  This is definitely the BEST Spanish class we have ever had! The children are excited to attend her classes and walk out of each class with wonderful new language skills.”  Helen Pound,  Director at  Sunset Academy – Longmont,CO

“Alison Iwaskow is a truly amazing children’s educator whose class we took and loved this fall! Our classes are loads of fun and include singing, dancing, crafts, games and more, all in Spanish!”  – Elena Kostoglodova, Senior Instructor in Russian, Germanic and Slavic Languages Department, CU-Boulder

“She loves Spanish, if you ask her what happens on Thursday she scream, ‘Ms Alison comes!'”                               
        -Kate from Boulder talking about her 2.5 year old daughter.

“Patience, kindness, and experience underpin the teaching style of Ms. Iwaskow. Her background in education and travel allow her the skills to both teach and inspire. She connects well with students and creates a relationship that makes linguistic growth easy and enjoyable.”
Gabe “Arturo” Pelly 

Lima, Peru


“I would highly recommend the Spanish 360º program with Alison Iwaskow for your child care center or private group.  The children really love having Ms. Alison come in once a week to learn Spanish.  She is always on time, and very friendly and professional.  She is great with the children, teachers, and parents, and communicates through weekly emails.  The children really learn a lot from her sessions as she includes a lot of songs, games and crafts, as well as a lot of repetition and review of the vocabulary.” – Tina Davis director at Active Boulder Kids Preschool – Boulder,CO

“My son has been taking the class for a few months and it is one of his very favorite activities — really fun and low key.  The kids sing songs in Spanish about colors, animals, body parts, etc.  He comes home and busts out words in Spanish I had no clue he knew.  His favorite day of the week is the day we get to go to class.” – Eileen Kiernan-Johnson, Boulder

“This is the second time my daughter and I have taken her class and we LOVE it. She makes it so fun with songs, dancing, and crafts. Best of all, my daughter loves practicing all the spanish she has learned.” – April Champness, Nederland, CO

“Ms. Iwaskow is a wonderful, warm and patient teacher. My son (2 years old) and I looked forward to her classes each week. The student teacher ratio can’t be beat and her creative presentation and approach was fun for all the kids. She clearly tailored each lesson appropriately and I would recommend this class to anyone!” – Lee Heekin   Boulder, CO

“ I am a college student and Alison Iwaskow was an amazing help to me.  She simplified difficult grammar concepts by creating amusing sayings and songs.  She has a true talent in transferring her knowledge and love of the Spanish language to her students in a way that is at once enjoyable, entertaining, and clear.  After going to Alison for a few weeks my grade rose from a low B to an A by the end of the semester.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, or lovelier person to lift me out of my academic slump.  I would recommend her to anyone who desires to learn Spanish in a fun, and innovative way.  Grammar can be intimidating, but Alison makes it simple, interesting, and enjoyable.  Alison is an exceptional tutor, and lovely person. –Olivia Olash, CU-Boulder student

“She is an amazing teacher who gets the best out of her students, and not to mention helped save me around $500 by placing out of the first two Spanish classes at UNCW.  Muchas gracias señorita, ¡palmada en el aire (high 5!)!” Jackson Fuller – NC

“I went to Alison for tutoring to prepare for my Spanish college placement exams when I transferred to a new university. After almost a 4 year hiatus from my high school Spanish classes, it goes without saying that my skills were almost non-existent. However, in just a few months of weekly tutoring from Alison I not only reached the skill level that I had in high school, but I actually surpassed it. I was able to place out of an entire level of Spanish, which definitely would not have been possible without the wonderful instruction that I received from her. It truly amazed me how quickly I learned things working with her. She is a wonderful teacher that makes the learning process fun and enjoyable. I fully recommend Alison to anyone that is looking to brush up their skills or start from scratch.”
Jordan Arnold

“I’ve known Alison Iwaskow since 2003, when she joined the faculty of Reynolds High School in Asheville, NC. From the beginning, it was evident that Alison was passionate about teaching Spanish. Not only did she motivate her students to learn Spanish, but she also got them excited about continuing their studies in university and/or through study abroad programs. She brings a wealth of knowledge and cultural experiences to any instructional environment. Through songs, art, visual aids, dance, music, actions and other hands-on activities, she meets the needs of all types of learners. Although I only have directly observed her teaching skills at the high school level, I know that she has an innate ability to connect with people of all ages and levels. No matter your age or level of study, Alison is your best choice for learning Spanish!”
Elizabeth Thompson

“I have used the translation and interpretation services of Alison Iwaskow for a number of years. Alison has helped me to interpret during phone calls, translated letters, and legal documents as well. Alison has a strong command of the Spanish language as a result of many years of studying and teaching it. Her travel experiences lend her a deep understanding of many cultural nuances. She is professional and dependable.”
Gary Brown

“Behind every student who is engaged and empowered to learn, there is a teacher who inspires such motivation; Alison Iwaskow is one of these teachers. Her knowledge of everything Spanish is extensive and enhanced by her personal experiences. Alison’s love of Spanish creates a learning environment where questions are welcomed and individual growth as a student is automatic. Alison maintains professional relationships with her students, yet genuinely cares for them as growing individuals with lives outside of the classroom. Alison provides the encouragement, knowledge base, excitement and support that any student of any age desires.”
Ashley Hurd


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