Middle/High School

Spanish 4 class, Spring 2011


Schools are experiencing challenging times.  Larger class sizes, and less one-on-one instruction is one effect seen in many schools.  Furthermore, Spanish can be a difficult subject for many teens.

I supplement what the student is receiving in the school setting.  I am familiar with the curriculum of the various levels and I know first hand how to simplify complex grammar concepts.

In addition to focus on school work,  I help students who are preparing for their college placement tests, which can save parents a significant amount of money in college credits!  In addition, I also, assist students who are preparing for the SAT Spanish subject test and AP test.

I meet with students at the Boulder public library or at a nearby café. In home sessions are available for an additional fee.


Services for pre-teens and teens

Private tutoring

I work with all levels of students, from those struggling with basic concepts, to those who are already proficient and want to master the Spanish language.

– $60.00/hour *$10.00 travel fee for sessions in your home

Web cam instruction



Small group tutoring

This option is great for friends, or family members, who want to get some extra help together.

groups of 2 or 3  $35.00/hour per student
– groups of 4 to 6  $30.00/hour per student


*24 hour notice required for cancellations and rescheduling.  Notice less than this will be subject to normal rates.

Contact me now to boost student’s performance and attitude about Spanish!