About Me

My love for the Spanish language and culture began in college, studying abroad in Spain.  During my two years in Spain, I realized how passionate I was about language and experiencing new cultures.

After graduating, I entered the profession of teaching, starting as an assistant and a substitute teacher.  Then, I began teaching high school Spanish in Asheville, NC, and did so for 8 years.

In 2011 I moved to Boulder, CO and started “Spanish 360,º” a business focused on teaching younger kids Spanish,  while continuing to work with older students as a tutor. The mix of ages and subject matter is so enjoyable and rewarding.

Now I am in Joshua Tree, CA doing the same thing here and in the Palms Springs area.

My teaching style is eclectic as I use many different strategies and methods, honoring the various needs and learning styles of my students.  Both my classes and private sessions quickly transition between traditional note taking, songs, and games.  I love to have fun with my students and I am also a grammarian who believes learning the proper way of writing and speaking Spanish is important.

An eternal student of the language myself, I am always learning.  My travels to Spanish speaking countries teach me a lot and keep my Spanish evolving.  I have spent time in Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and in Spain.

Eighteen years of teaching experience coupled with many years of Spanish language study mean that not only do I know the Spanish language well, but that I also know how to effectively teach it.  The student who loves Spanish, as well as the student who struggles with the language, are equally inspiring to me.  I have taught thousands of kids, with various strengths, interests, and abilities – I love my students and I know how their minds work!


  • Ohio University — Bachelor’s degree in Spanish
  • University of North Carolina at Asheville— Certification to teach Spanish K-12
  • Nationally Board Certified to teach world languages
  • 8 years as a high school Spanish teacher
  • 7 years of teaching kids in preschools and elementary schools
  • 3 years as a substitute teacher for all grade levels
  • 1 year as an assistant teacher in a private elementary school
  • 18 years of private tutoring

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